Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to dry?

Dry time varies on the type and condition of the carpet.  Generally, the deep clean process take 4-8 hours to dry.  The desert dry process can dry in two hours or less.

Do you use a truckmount-based system?

Our system is electric based. Gasoline is not used to clean your carpet and upholstery.  The equipment is moved into the house and no doors are left open to the elements, bugs, or escaping pets.

Are your products safe?

Absolutely. AQD uses products that are both green and effective. Our protector, Green Guard is certified green!

Do I need to vacuum before you arrive?

This is optional. However, if your home has pets it would be helpful.

What do I need to do to get ready for my cleaning?

We ask that small breakables, picture frames, toys, etc be moved to avoid potential damage.
Please allow room in your driveway so that we can unload and get to work.

Please have a water source and two electrical sources available.

Do you move furniture?

Generally, yes. Bedrooms typically are “walkways only” due to the difficulty to move furniture in these rooms. Other rooms we can move furniture within reason. We try to avoid things such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, etc.