Our pricing system is simple with no surprises:

$60         Minimum Charge for Any Service

$50         First Room Charge
$65         First Room+ (Living Room & Dining Room Combination)
$25         Each Additional Full Size Room
$10-$15  Bedroom Walkway or Small Half-Sized Room
$25         Each Set of Stairs (approx. 12-14 steps)
$5-$10    Hallways Longer Than 6 Feet*
$55         Sofa
$45         Loveseat
$35         Recliner
$30         Upright Chair
$100+     Sectionals (They Vary in Size) 

*Hallways are free for up to six feet in length.  Additional lengths are priced in additional $5 increments.

Carpet protectant (Green Guard) is $10 per full-sized room.

Over sized rooms are priced in additional $5 increments.

Additional fees apply for pet stain treatment and red stain removal.

All prices above are for average size rooms (~225 sq. ft) and typical size furniture.

Hardwood floor restoration is $0.50 per sq. ft. and includes 2 coats of finish.

Upholstery cleaning is performed using a water-based process. We will test the fabric for compatibility before any cleaning.